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Breast Cancer Now


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Breast Cancer Now

Country: United Kingdom
Public Notes: Formerly Breast Cancer Campaign and Breakthrough Breast Cancer
Member of: Europe PMC Funders' Group (Europe PMC Group)
Open Access Archiving | Open Access Publishing | Data Archiving Policy | Key to OA Ticks

Publications Policy

Open Access Archiving

Open Access Tick Whether to Archive: * Requires deposition in Open Access archives
Open Access Tick What to Archive: * Peer-reviewed publications
* Publisher's version (Optional) and/or Author's final version (Optional)
* Unspecified format
No Open Access Tick When to Archive: * At the earliest possible opportunity
* Acceptable embargo: up to 12 months after publication
  Where to Archive: * In named repositories... (Required)
* Europe PubMed Central (Required)
  Archiving Conditions: * [No information]

Open Access Publishing

No Open Access Tick Whether to Publish: * Encourages publication in Open Access publications
  Where to Publish: * in a peer-reviewed open access journal
* as an article with immediate paid-for open access (Optional)
  Publishing Conditions: * Costs of open access publication may be reimbursed by Breast Cancer Now


  General Conditions: * Effective for all new projects from 01-Sep-2014
* Applies to all projects funded totally or partly by Breast Cancer Now
* Funder of Europe PMC
* Breast Cancer Now requires the use of the Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY) where an open access fee has been paid for journal articles
* Costs of open access publication may be reimbursed from underspend on Breast Cancer Now grants
* conjunction with the Charity Open Access Fund (COAF) will end in September 2016
  Policy Links: * Open Access Policy

Data Archiving Policy

  Whether to Archive: * No policy for deposition in Open Access archives
  What to Archive: * Unspecified data
  When to Archive: * [No information]
  Where to Archive: * [No information]
  General Conditions: * [No information]
  Policy Links: * [No information]
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