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About JULIET - Research funders' open access policies

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JULIET and Support for Open Access to Research Open Access Tick

SHERPA Juliet is a searchable database and single focal point of up-to-date information concerning funders’ policies and their requirements on open access, publication and data archiving.

Publications Policies

To maximise the dissemination of the research they fund, the grant conditions of funding organisations increasingly require peer-reviewed research outputs to be made freely available to the public in full at the earliest possible date. These aims can be achieved either by publishing in an Open Access publication, or by archiving publications in an Open Access repository.

Open Access Publishing
Open Access journals and hybrid journals may require an additional payment to the publisher for the article to be made Open Access immediately on the date of publication.
Open Access Archiving
The ideal archiving policy has three key parts:

Data Archiving Policies

Funding organisations are also increasingly requiring grantees to deposit their raw research data in appropriate public archives or stores, in order to facilitate the validation of results and further work by other researchers. The practicalities of providing access to large data-sets can be costly for data archives. Therefore, it is acceptable for the archive to recover the costs of access provision on a not-for-profit basis.

Because it can take some time to write up results after a work has been completed, policies may allow a reasonable period of grace during which the original researchers have exclusive access to the data before it has to be deposited in a public archive. The lengths of such periods vary by subject discipline. For instance six months might be suitable for a chemistry project, but an archaeological dig could require several years. However, there clearly needs to be an outer limit, which we have set at five years.

Statistical Analysis

Statistical charts for worldwide funders' policies are available on our Statistics page, with special charts for United Kingdom funders. For a financial breakdown of the UK research councils' funds affected by their Open Access policies, please see: Selected research funders' grant expenditure.

Updates and Feedback

The information in JULIET is updated by community contributions. If a funding organisation with an open access or data archiving policy is not listed here, please tell us about it via our Notification Form. Alternatively, please submit any updates or feedback by email to the JULIET Administrators (

JULIET complements the RoMEO service provided by SHERPA for authors and repository administrators, which lists summaries of publishers' copyright transfer agreements as they relate to archiving. Further information on Open Access is available for authors, including links to contacts and repositories which may be able to take eprints to fulfil funders' requirements and recommendations. Further information on repositories is available from OpenDOAR.

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