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Centre for Research Communications Office

SHERPA is based in the Centre for Research Communications, in the Greenfield Medical Library of the University of Nottingham Medical School.

General directions for getting to the University Campus are available from the main University site, as is a map of the Campus, which shows the visitor's car park in the approximate centre of the campus (needs 1 coins for a meter). By car, come through the north entrance of University Park and follow the signs to Visitor Parking. It is then a five minute walk to the undercover footbridge to the Medical School.

Taxis are available from the main railway station in Nottingham: ask for the Medical School off Clifton Boulevard, rather than for the main entrance to the Queens Medical Centre (QMC). Buses leave from the Broadmarsh bus station, close to the train station. There are several which serve University Park or the QMC (e.g. 5 or 34), but the most convenient is an an 'Indigo' bus to the stop at QMC, West Entrance.

Once at the Greenfield Medical Library ask at the reception desk to be shown to the SHERPA office.

The figure below shows a section from the main map of the Campus with the SHERPA office indicated. Click on this section below to see a printable version of the main map.

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