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Journal title ISSN ESSN Associated organisations
Africa Bibliography 0266-6731 1757-1642 International African Institute;
Edinburgh University Press
African Studies Review 0002-0206 1555-2462 African Studies Association
AJS Review 0364-0094 1475-4541 Association for Jewish Studies (AJS)
Americas 0003-1615 - Catholic University of America Press
Anatolian Studies 0066-1546 2048-0849 British Institute at Ankara
Annual of the British School at Athens 0068-2454 2045-2403 British School at Athens
Antiquaries Journal 0003-5815 1758-5309 Society of Antiquaries of London
Archaeological Reports 0570-6084 2041-4102 Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
Archives Européennes de Sociologie / European Journal of Sociology 0003-9756 1474-0583 -
Asian Journal of Comparative Law - 1932-0205 Asia Law Institute;
Berkeley Electronic Press;
De Gruyter
Australasian Journal of Organisational Psychology - 1835-7601 Australian Psychological Society, College of Organisational Psychologists;
Australian Psychological Society;
Australian Academic Press
Australasian Journal of Special Education 1833-6914 1030-0112 Australian Association of Special Education (AASE);
Australian Academic Press;
Taylor & Francis
Australian Journal of Environmental Education 0814-0626 2049-775X Australian Association for Environmental Education;
Australian Academic Press
Austrian History Yearbook 0067-2378 1558-5255 University of Minnesota, Center for Austrian Studies
Britannia 0068-113X 1753-5352 Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
British Actuarial Journal 1357-3217 2044-0456 Actuarial Profession, The
British Catholic History 2055-7973 2055-7981 -
Business Ethics Quarterly 1052-150X 2153-3326 -
Business History Review 0007-6805 2044-768X Harvard Business School
Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies 0307-0131 1749-625X University of Birmingham, Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies;
Maney Publishing
Cambridge Classical Journal 1750-2705 2047-993X Cambridge Philological Society
Camden Fifth Series 0960-1163 1478-5110 Royal Historical Society
Canadian Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 0841-8209 2056-4260 -
Canadian Journal of Linguistics / Revue canadienne de linguistique 0008-4131 1710-1115 Association canadienne de linguistique;
Canadian Linguistic Association;
University of Toronto Press
Central European History 0008-9389 1569-1616 American Historical Association, Central European History Conference Group
Children Australia 1035-0772 2049-7776 Australian Academic Press
Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture 0009-6407 1755-2613 American Society of Church History
Classical Quarterly 0009-8388 1471-6844 Classical Association
Classical Review 0009-840X 1464-3561 Classical Association
Congress on Research in Dance - 2049-1255 -
Dance Research Journal 0149-7677 1940-509X -
Dialogue: Canadian Philosophy Review 0012-2173 1759-0949 Philosophy Documentation Center;
Canadian Philosophical Association
Du Bois Review: Social Science Research on Race 1742-058X 1742-0598 Harvard University, W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research
Early China 0362-5028 2325-2324 -
European Business Organization Law Review [Now published elsewhere] 1566-7529 1741-6205 Springer Verlag (Germany);
T.M.C Asser Press
Ecclesiastical Law Journal 0956-618X 1751-8539 Ecclesiastical Law Society
European Constitutional Law Review 1574-0196 1744-5515 T.M.C Asser Press
Financial History Review 0968-5650 1474-0052 European Association for Banking History
Government and Opposition 0017-257X 1477-7053 -
Greece and Rome 0017-3835 1477-4550 Classical Association
Hague Journal on the Rule of Law [Now published elsewhere] 1876-4045 1876-4053 Special Policy: Springer Open Choice Hybrid Journals;
T.M.C Asser Press
Harvard Theological Review 0017-8160 1475-4517 Harvard University, Harvard Divinity School
Hegel Bulletin 2051-5367 2051-5375 -
History in Africa 0361-5413 1558-2744 -
Horizons 0360-9669 2050-8557 College Theology Society
International and Comparative Law Quarterly 0020-5893 1471-6895 British Institute of International and Comparative Law
International Journal of Cultural Property 0940-7391 1465-7317 International Cultural Property Society
International Labor and Working-Class History 0147-5479 1471-6445 International Labor and Working-Class History
International Organization 0020-8183 1531-5088 International Organization Foundation
International Review of Social History 0020-8590 1469-512X Internationaal Instituut voor Sociale Geschiedenis
International Review of the Red Cross 1816-3831 1607-5889 International Committee of the Red Cross
IRAQ 0021-0889 2053-4744 -
Itinerario 0165-1153 2041-2827 Leiden Institute for History
Journal of Asian Studies 0021-9118 1752-0401 Association for Asian Studies
Journal of the History of Economic Thought 1053-8372 1469-9656 History of Economics Society
Journal of Hellenic Studies 0075-4269 2041-4099 Society for the Promotion of Hellenic Studies
Journal of Economic History 0022-0507 1471-6372 Economic History Association
Journal of Experimental Political Science 2052-2630 2052-2649 -
Journal of Germanic Linguistics 1470-5427 1475-3014 Society for Germanic Linguistics
Journal of Law and Religion 0748-0814 - -
Journal of Linguistic Geography 2049-7547 - -
Journal of Linguistics 0022-2267 1469-7742 -
Journal of Management and Organization 1833-3672 1839-3527 -
Journal of Policy History 0898-0306 1528-4190 History Department, Saint Louis University;
Institute for Policy History
Journal of Politics [Now published elsewhere] 0022-3816 1468-2508 Southern Political Science Association;
Special Policy: No Paid Open Access
Journal of Roman Studies 0075-4358 1753-528X Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies
Journal of Southeast Asian Studies 0022-4634 1474-0680 History Department, National University of Singapore
Journal of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era 1537-7814 1943-3557 Society for Historians of the Gilded Age and Progressive Era
Journal of Wine Economics 1931-4361 1931-437X American Association of Wine Economists
Kantian Review 1369-4154 2044-2394 UK Kant Society;
North American Kant Society
Law and History Review 0738-2480 1939-9022 American Society for Legal History
Libyan Studies 0263-7189 2052-6148 -
Management and Organization Review 1740-8776 1740-8784 -
New Surveys in the Classics 0533-2451 2052-8531 -
Papers of the British School at Rome 0068-2462 2045-239X British School at Rome
Perspectives on Politics 1537-5927 1541-0986 American Political Science Association
Philosophy 0031-8191 1469-817X Royal Institute of Philosophy
Political Science Research and Methods 2049-8470 2049-8489 -
Politics and Gender 1743-923X 1743-9248 Women and Politics Research Section of APSA
Politics and Religion 1755-0483 1755-0491 -
Politics and the Life Sciences 0730-9384 1471-5457 Association for Politics and the Life Sciences
PS: Political Science and Politics 1049-0965 1537-5935 American Political Science Association
Ramus 0048-671X 2202-932X -
Review of Middle East Studies 2151-3481 2329-3225 -
Review of Politics 0034-6705 1748-6858 University of Notre Dame
Revista de Historia Económica 0212-6109 2041-3335 Carlos III Universidad de Madrid, Instituto Figuerola de Historia y Ciencias Sociales
Royal Institute of Philosophy Supplement 1358-2461 1755-3555 Royal Institute of Philosophy
Social Philosophy and Policy 0265-0525 1471-6437 Social Philosophy and Policy Foundation
Speculum [Now published elsewhere] 0038-7134 2040-8072 University of Chicago Press
Theatre Research International 0307-8833 1474-0672 International Federation for Theatre Research
Theatre Survey 0040-5574 1475-4533 American Society for Theatre Research
Think 1477-1756 1755-1196 Royal Institute of Philosophy
Traditio 0362-1529 2166-5508 -
TRaNS: Trans-Regional and -National Studies of Southeast Asia 2051-364X 2051-3658 Sogang University, Institute of East Asian Studies (SIEAS)
World Politics 0043-8871 1086-3338 Princeton Institute for International and Regional Affairs
Yearbook of International Humanitarian Law 1389-1359 1574-096X T.M.C Asser Press
This list may omit titles that are no longer published, or have been transferred elsewhere.<< Cambridge University Press (CUP): HSS Journals - No Cambridge Open


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