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Título da revista ISSN ESSN Associated organisations
A Current Bibliography on African Affairs 0011-3255 - Special Policy: No SAGE Choice
AADE in Practice 2325-1603 - American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE)
Abstracts in Anthropology 0001-3455 1557-5136 Special Policy: No SAGE Choice
Academic Pathology - 2374-2895 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Accounting History 1032-3732 1749-3374 Accounting and Finance Association of Australia and New Zealand
Acta Radiologica 0284-1851 1600-0455 Institution Acta Ophthalmologica Scandinavica;
Danish Ophthalmological Society;
Finnish Ophthalmological Society;
Icelandic Ophthalmological Society;
Norwegian Ophthalmological Society;
Swedish Ophthalmological Society;
European Association for Vision and Eye Research (EVER);
Special Policy: No Pre-print;
Special Policy: No OnlineOpen;
Informa Healthcare
Acta Radiologica Open - 2058-4601 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Acta Radiologica Short Reports - 2047-9816 Norwegian Society of Medical Radiology;
Radiological Society of Finland;
Danish Society of Medical Radiology;
Nordic Society of Medical Radiology;
Swedish Society of Radiology;
Royal Society of Medicine Press
Acta Sociologica 0001-6993 1502-3869 Nordic Sociological Association
Action Research 1476-7503 1741-2617 -
Active Learning in Higher Education 1469-7874 1741-2625 -
Adaptive Behavior 1059-7123 1741-2633 International Society for Adaptive Behavior (ISAB)
Administration and Society 0095-3997 1552-3039 -
Administrative Science Quarterly 0001-8392 1930-3815 Special Policy: No Embargo;
Cornell University, The Johnson School
Adoption and Fostering 0308-5759 1740-469X British Association of Adoption and Fostering
Adsorption Science and Technology 0263-6174 2048-4038 Multi-Science Publishing
Adult Education Quarterly 0741-7136 1552-3047 American Association for Adult and Continuing Education
Adult Learning 1045-1595 2162-4070 American Association for Adult and Continuing Education
Advances in Developing Human Resources 1523-4223 1552-3055 -
Advances in Mechanical Engineering 1687-8132 1687-8140 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science - 2515-2459 -
Advances in Structural Engineering 1369-4332 - Multi-Science Publishing
Advances in Tumor Virology - 1179-5654 -
AERA Open - 2332-8584 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Aesthetic Surgery Journal [Now published elsewhere] 1090-820X 1527-330X Special Policy: Policy B - Oxford Open Option D;
Costa Rican Association of Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgery;
American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery;
Panamanian Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery;
Italian Association for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery;
Hellenic Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery;
Korean Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery;
Israel Society for Plastic Surgeons;
Colombian Society of Plastic, Aesthetic, Maxillofacial, and Hand Surgery
Affilia 0886-1099 1552-3020 Women and Social Work
Agrarian South: Journal of Political Economy 2277-9760 2321-0281 -
Air, Soil and Water Research - 1178-6221 -
Alexandria 0955-7490 2050-4551 British Library;
Manchester University Press
Alternatives to Laboratory Animals 0261-1929 2632-3559 Fund for the Replacement of Animals in Medical Experiments (FRAME)
Alternatives 0304-3754 2163-3150 Center for the Study of Developing Societies
American Behavioral Scientist 0002-7642 1552-3381 -
American Economist 0569-4345 2328-1235 Omicron Delta Epsilon
American Educational Research Journal 0002-8312 1935-1011 -
American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias 1533-3175 1938-2731 -
American Journal of Evaluation 1098-2140 1557-0878 -
American Journal of Health Promotion 0890-1171 2168-6602 American Journal of Health Promotion
American Journal of Hospice and Palliative Medicine 1049-9091 1938-2715 -
American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine 1559-8276 1559-8284 American College of Lifestyle Medicine
American Journal of Medical Quality 1062-8606 1555-824X American College of Medical Quality
American Journal of Men's Health 1557-9883 1557-9891 Men's Health Network
American Journal of Sports Medicine 0363-5465 1552-3365 American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine (AOSSM);
Special Policy: No SAGE Choice
American Politics Research 1532-673X 1552-3373 University of Illinois
American Review of Public Administration 0275-0740 1552-3357 -
American Sociological Review 0003-1224 1939-8271 American Sociological Association
Analytical Chemistry Insights - 1177-3901 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Angiology 0003-3197 1940-1574 -
Animation 1746-8477 1746-8485 -
Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 0004-5632 1758-1001 Association for Clinical Biochemistry;
Royal Society of Medicine Press
Annals of Neurosciences 0972-7531 0976-3260 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
Annals of Pharmacotherapy 1060-0280 - -
ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science 0002-7162 1552-3349 American Academy of Political and Social Science
Annals of the ICRP 0146-6453 - -
Anthropocene Review 2053-0196 2053-020X -
Anthropological Theory 1463-4996 1741-2641 -
Antiviral Chemistry and Chemotherapy - 0956-3202 -
Applied Biosafety 1535-6760 2470-1246 -
Applied Psychological Measurement 0146-6216 1552-3497 -
Applied Spectroscopy 0003-7028 1943-3530 Society for Applied Spectroscopy;
Special Policy: No Paid Open Access
Armed Forces and Society 0095-327X 1556-0848 -
Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 1474-0222 1741-265X -
Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources [Now published elsewhere] 1038-4111 1744-7941 Wiley;
Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)
Asia-Pacific Journal of Management Research and Innovation 2319-510X 2321-0729 -
Asia-Pacific Journal of Public Health 1010-5395 1941-2479 Asia-Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACPH)
Asia Pacific Media Educator 1326-365X 2321-5410 -
Asian Cardiovascular and Thoracic Annals 0218-4923 1816-5370 Asian Society for Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery
Asian Journal of Comparative Politics 2057-8911 2057-892X -
Asian Journal of Management Cases 0972-8201 0973-0621 -
ASN NEURO - 1759-0914 Special Policy: Creative Commons Attribution;
American Society for Neurochemistry
Assessment 1073-1911 1552-3489 American Psychological Association, Division 12 (Society for Clinical Psychology), Section IX (Assessment)
Assessment for Effective Intervention 1534-5084 1938-7458 Council for Educational Diagnostic Services
Australasian Psychiatry 1039-8562 1440-1665 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP)
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Criminology 0004-8658 1837-9273 Australian and New Zealand Society of Criminology
Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry 0004-8674 1440-1614 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP)
Australian Journal of Career Development 1038-4162 2200-6974 Australian Council for Education Research
Australian Journal of Education 0004-9441 2050-5884 Australian Council for Education Research
Australian Journal of Management 0312-8962 1327-2020 University of New South Wales, Australian School of Business
Autism 1362-3613 1461-7005 National Autistic Society
Autism and Developmental Language Impairments - 2396-9415 Special Policy: Open Access Titles
This list may omit titles that are no longer published, or have been transferred elsewhere.<< SAGE Publications (UK and US)


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